Parker-Hale Whitworth

Parker-Hale Whitworth rifle

The Parker-Hale Whitworth features an American walnut stock sporting the famed round "Parker-Hale" stock cartouche and checkered at the wrist and forend. Bone charcoal color-case hardened hammers, locks and barrel bands are all hand-finished in the United States, and a precision hammer-forged .451 hexagonal-bored barrel ensures unparalleled accuracy at the farthest distances.

Volunteer Rifle

This round-bored cousin of the Whitworth is also made in .451 caliber and has all of the features specified in the Whitworth. The Volunteer is better suited for shorter range accuracy (under 200 yards).

Model Barrel Length Caliber OAL Weight ROT MSRP
Whitworth 36" .451 (Conical recom'd) 52 1/2" 9 lb 10 oz 1:20 $1499.95
Volunteer 32" .451 (Conical recom'd) 49" 9 lb 8 oz 1:20 $1499.95