What are Navy Arms office hours?

- Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST.

Is Navy Arms currently importing any Italian replica firearms?

- The Parker-Hale Enfield line is manufactured for us by Davide Pedersoli out of Italy. The cartridge rifles are manufactured for us by Winchester.

Can anyone purchase cartridge firearms?

- No, cartridge firearms require an F.F.L. and can only be purchased by licensed dealers who have a Federal license.

What does F.F.L. mean?

- F.F.L. is an abbreviation for Federal Firearms License. A Federal Firearms License is required to purchased cartridge firearms. Sales of cartridge firearms are regulated by the U.S. Government.

Does Navy Arms sell replica firearms directly to licensed dealers?

- All cartridge firearms are sold only through their firearms distributors, who then sell to the firearms dealer. Black powder rifles can be purchased direct from us.

What is the difference between a firearms distributor and a firearms dealer?

- A firearms distributor is someone who purchases large quantities of firearms/ammunition/accessories from manufacturers, then resells them in smaller quantities to firearms dealers. Firearms distributors do not sell to the general public.

Who do I contact to purchase one of your replica firearms?

- If you are a firearms dealer with an FFL, you may contact one of our distributors. If you are not a firearms dealer, you will need to contact a firearms retailer in your area. Only your firearms retailer can order a firearm for you from one of our distributors.

What distributors does Navy Arms Company use?

- See our current Distributor list.

How can I return a firearm to the factory for repair?

- Call 304-274-0004 and ask for our Service Department for return authorization.

Do you stock gun parts?

- We carry a very limited quantity of repair parts to service our customer's Italian manufactured Navy Arms replica firearms. Call 304-274-0004 and ask for our Parts department. VTI Gun Parts (860-435-8068) is the US parts house for Italian replica firearms.

What is my firearm worth?

- It is virtually impossible to determine a gun's value without actually having it in hand. There are several publishers who provide books on the value of firearms, most notably the Blue Book of Gun Values.

Does Navy Arms sell surplus?

- No, for available surplus items, please check out our sister companies Gibbs Rifle Co. & Old Western Scrounger, LLC.