About Us

60 years, it's a long time for a gun company to be in business. Most don't make it, for many reasons. Navy Arms is no different, we have faced the typical struggles of many family-owned businesses going into our second generation of ownership.

We faced legal fights, financing issues and an ever-evolving business landscape. And, we made it... We made it thanks to the tireless efforts of Navy Arms' staff, the patience and strong sense of partnership we have with our vendors, distributors and dealers. Most of all, we made it because of you, our customer.

In 1956 when Navy Arms started, no other gun manufacturer built the classic designs of their pasts. Now, Colt makes Colt replicas. Now, Winchester makes Winchester replicas. Now, Smith & Wesson makes Smith & Wesson replicas. Now, Remington makes Remington replicas. All, because of Navy Arms and its founder, my father, my namesake, Val J. Forgett, Jr.

THAT is what makes Val J. Forgett, Jr. "The Father of the replica firearms industry" and Navy Arms "First with the finest in quality replica firearms".