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Like every Navy Arms product, superior engineering, materials and quality control go into the manufacturing of the 1875 Schofield revolvers. Built from Chrome Vanadium steel forgings, the Navy Arms 1875 Schofields feature frames slightly larger than the originals, making them reliable and built to last. A precise trigger mechanism with internal hammer-block system provides improved handling and safety. Cowboy Action Shooters favor the 1875 Schofield's top-break design with automatic ejector as it makes for the fastest reloading possible in a single-action revolver. The rear notch and high blade front sight assists in rapid target acquisition and superior accuracy. FFL is required for purchase.

1875 Schofield Founder's Model

The Founder's Model honors Val Forgett, Sr. and Aldo Uberti by making an upgraded model that is without a doubt the pinnacle of production Schofields. It features a charcoal blue barrel and cylinder, with a spectacular color case-hardened receiver, backstrap, trigger guard and trigger. Deluxe hand rubbed walnut grips with authentic cartouching, limited production "VF" serial number prefix. Available in both .45 Colt (Model No. SFM045) and .38 Spl. (Model No. SFM038). Bbl Length - 7.5", OAL - 12.75" Weight - 2lbs 5oz., 6 rd capacity. MSRP - $1011.

1875 Schofield Cavalry Model Revolver

The other legend of the Old West, the Schofield, was coveted for its accuracy and fast loading and unloading. First delivered to the U.S. Army in 1875, the Schofield was also carried by the notorious Jesse James. Blued frame, cylinder and barrel, case-hardened trigger guard, latch and hammer, walnut stock with cartouche. Cal - .45 Colt (Model No. SCM045), .44-40 Model No. SCM044), .38 Spl (Model No. SCM038). Length - 7", OAL - 12.75", Weight - 2lbs 5oz. MSRP - $899.

1875 Schofield Wells Fargo Model Revolver

A modified version with a shorter, 5" barrel, issued to Wells Fargo Special Agents. Cal .45 Colt (Model No. SWF045), .44-40 (Model No. SWF044), .38 Spl (Model No. SWF038). OAL - 10.75", Weight - 2lbs 3oz. MSRP - $899.

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