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Online Manuals

All manuals are in Adobe pdf format. Simply click the one you want.
We are trying to provide owner's manuals for both past and present Navy Arms firearms. Some are no longer available. Most manuals contain corresponding exploded diagrams, some do not. Please visit our Schematics page for additional exploded diagrams and parts listings. We will add more manuals as we find them. If you require more information or help, please visit the manufacturer's website at: Pedersoli, Pietta, Uberti.

Cartridge Revolvers


1873 Single Action

Scout Small Frame

1895 U.S. Artillery

1873 U.S. Army


Muzzleloading Rifles

1763 Charleville

1841 Mississippi

1853 PH 2-Band Enfield

1858 PH 3-Band Enfield

1861 Springfield

1863 CS Richmond

1863 Zouave

Brown Bess

CountryBoy Inline

Harper's Ferry Rifle


PH Musketoon

PH Volunteer

PH Whitworth

SxS Shotgun

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