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Lightning Rifles



All Lightning rifle replicas are created equally. In the last several years, Cowboy Shooters have encountered several incarnations of this model rifle, and each time seemed to be let down in performance, reliability, finish, delivery time and service.

Other replica Lightnings available have merely copied the original design, flaws and all. Like many replicas before it, Navy Arms, working with Pedersoli, redesigned our Lightning rifles with the modern Cowboy Shooter in mind.

The original extraction and ejection system was completely redesigned so that spent casings eject high and far away from the shooter, unlike originals that barely clear the receiver and often fall back to the shooter.

Navy Arms Lightning rifles feature a cut-off design that prevents unsafe slam-firing and allows for a shooter to safely unload the rifle without having to depress the trigger during reloading.

Navy Arms lighting rifles feature checkered wrists and forends for sure handling and outstanding color case hardened finish for superior looks and durability. The tangs are drilled for peep sights and the gun comes with a gold bead front and semi-buckhorn rear sight on a 24" full octagonal barrel.

When choosing a pump-action rifle, don't settle for anything but Navy Arms Lighting rifles. Like all replicas, they set the standard for fit, finish and reliability. Available in .357 Mag (Model #BLS357), .45 Colt (Model #BLS045) and .44-40 (Model #BLS044). FFL required. Weight: 6lbs. 13oz, Bbl. Length: 24" Oct., OAL: 40.9", Magazine Capacity: 10 rds. MSRP - $1399.


To order, please have your local firearms dealer contact Zanders Sporting Goods, Sparta, IL.

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