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Black Powder SXS



In the 1970's, Navy Arms was the American agent for Webley and Scott, the famous British shotgun maker. Sadly, Webley and Scott is no longer in business, but Navy Arms has re-introduced well made, beautifully finished replicas of those outstanding model shotguns of long ago. Offered in three grades of fit and finish, all Navy Arms shotguns feature Anson & Deeley style actions and forend releases, quality walnut hand-checkered forends, grips and buttstocks. In the true spirit of vintage British side-by-sides, these guns have been produced to only shoot black powder 12 GA cartridges. Double triggers on all models, as well as standard modified/full choked barrels. Like their British cousins, Navy Arms Classic shotguns have surprisingly smooth actions that open and close with ease and outstanding pointing characteristics all well above what whould be expected of guns at this pricepoint.

All three models are perfect for aficionados of the late 19th Century, from the vintage shotgun enthusiast who enjoys upland game hunting inbreeks and a flat cap to the Tradional Cowboy Action shooter who is looking for a fast-handling, quick to point 19th Century designed shotgun with elegant lines and outstanding wood. (Please note, these guns are designed to ONLY accept black powder shotgun shells and IS NOT designed to use modern smokeless shotgun shells. Navy Arms strongly recommends the use of Goex brand Black Dawge .12 GA black powder shotgun shells). To purchase Black Dawge .12 GA shells, please click HERE to be directed to
The Old Western Scrounger.

Grade 1: The highest grade offered by Navy Arms, thse outstanding guns feature the highest grade walnut with outstanding grain, fully checkered butt, pistol grip and forend, all hand-done, brass buttstock disc perfect for personalized engraving, roll-engraved trigger guard and action, hard nickel action and true Anson and Deeley forend release. FFL required. Length of pull: 14.5", Bbl. Length: 27.75", OAL: 44.75". Model No. NASX1.

Grade 2: Identical to the Grade 1 models, but made without the brass buttstock disc, has grade 2 walnut and a 2-tone hard nickel action with blued accents. FFL required. Length of pull: 14.5", Bbl. Length: 27.75", OAL: 44.75". Model No. NASX2.

Grade 3: This field grade model features genuine walnut with standard checkering at the wrist and forend with semi-checkered butt, roll engraved trigger guard and reciever and steel buttstock disc. FFL required. Length of pull: 14.5", Bbl. Length: 27.75", OAL: 44.75". Model No. NASX3.

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please click HERE to be directed to our sister company
The Old Western Scrounger.

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